Editorial Guidelines

This site showcases several types of story.  There are memes, short stories, poetry, and the literary efforts of true giants for reference.  Not all of this is guaranteed to be true to anything but itself.

There are also news digests, sprinkled liberally with irony and sarcasm.  There are editorials and rants, each burdened under a massive weight of opinion.  And there are a few descriptive narratives that cover events or facts or news.  These last are as close to unbiased, unvarnished truth as I can manage.

Everything here is subjective.  I’m human and I’m writing from a single perspective; so are our guest writers.

But the same can be said of all journalism, with the possible exception (as Thompson put it) of stock prices and box scores.

Our mandate here is to cover what the press doesn’t, or from a perspective that isn’t getting enough attention.  We work to correct misconceptions, counter lies, and oppose manipulative and controlled narratives.  Sometimes we’ll be wrong, but we won’t lie to you, and we have no hidden agendas.

This site is funded by contributions.  If we stuck with the standard narrative, be assured the contributions would only go up.

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