Month: October 2016

Hard Winter Coming

The old year has given the warning signs that it’s about to start winding down to a close.  The nights have a bit more nip in them than usual and the trees are changing color — “catching fire”, as a favorite aunt of mine used to put it, all reds and oranges and yellows.

Around the kitchen stove in the evening, it used to be a competitive sport to foretell the winter, though one you needed gray in your hair (more…)


A vote for a third party is a vote against.  Not against Republicans or Democrats individually, but against the system that says one or the other is inevitable, that divides us against one another and distracts us away from finding common ground.  Environmentalists and hunters both love the wild; they should work together.  The NRA probably has some excellent ideas about gun control (in addition to Use both hands) but (more…)

Thoughts On The Second Debate

I wasn’t going to watch it.

After all:  Why bother?  The nation just watched Donald Trump’s campaign implode over something horribly distasteful; we mostly agree now that he has no chance to win.  And I really dislike Senator Clinton*.  So why put myself through that torment? (more…)