My Other Writing

For quite some time — over two years now — I’ve been writing articles (and performing odd jobs) out at the Planets Magazine. (For those of you who don’t know how an in-text link works, click the words “Planets Magazine” and you’ll instantly be transported to the Mag by mysterious internet magic.) This magazine is, at present, strictly internet-based and should not be confused in any way with a paying proposition; instead, it’s a volunteer operation designed to support the newest incarnation of the long-running VGA Planets, which can be found out at the Planets.Nu website.

Incidentally, if you should sign up at Planets, please mention my referral code: 13963

I’m also working on the documentation project at alongside a couple of like-minded and talented individuals who are just as insane as I am about the proper placement of commas.

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There are two other things I ought to mention: “Thoughts On The Collapse” is not available at present — that’s the work, not the category.  If you find a copy, let me know; I ran through my author’s copies years ago.  Apart from those, all I got out of it is a couple of quotes that became internet memes; let it be a lesson to you:  GET AN AGENT.

And “Gnerphk” is merely the proper Anglicization of the Americanism “gnerfk”.  For those of you who’ve been wondering.

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