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If ever I run for office, one of my catch phrases will be, “Of course I’ll take bribes!  I gladly accept cash.  What I won’t do is anything in exchange.”

(This isn’t strictly legal (except in Puerto Rico).  I don’t advise any candidate to adopt this philosophy.)

How can I help support what you do? you ask.  Glad you did; it speaks well of you.

Well, the first thing is, share my posts.  Link to them on Facebook; tweet them; talk about them.  I rarely submit outside a small circle, but if any of these goes viral I’ll be delighted.

If you want to get in touch with me to donate, I’m glad to accept it.  I’m not a charity, but nobody’s paying me to keep this site up either.  We accept PayPal at: — Don’t forget the “The” at the beginning, and don’t bother to send normal emails there unless you’re a very patient person.

My Patreon is here, if you prefer an automatic subscription:

You can also subscribe:

You can buy gift cards for your friends and family using our link, which gets us a tiny kickback, plus you get to help stick it to Amazon and Jeff Bezos while buying books:

Our affiliate storefront is at:
This includes a list of books that are guaranteed to blow your mind.  More is coming.

Even if you don’t care to give me money (You cheapskate!) feel free to Follow.
@Gnerphk at Twitter
@Gnerphk at Parler

My Uber code is johns110603ue — Use it.  Gets me free rides.

My Planets Nu signup code is 13963.  If you ever want to try the game out, sign up using my code.

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