Fear and Loathing 2020

Inspired by the immortal (yet sadly missed) Hunter S. Thompson, the staff of The Not Fake News has embarked on the once-in-a-lifetime adventure to chronicle the New Hampshire primaries in person.  Our goal is to see every candidate at least once, and to get to know as many of them as practicable as well as we can manage.  By doing so, we hope to be able to assist those of our readers who never get the chance.

Perhaps more important than this is the ability to give you a measure of understanding for the experience, even that it might inspire you to become involved on a more personal level.  If a candidate’s words speak to you in the way some of these have to me, you may consider becoming a volunteer.  Everyone needs telephone workers, drivers, door-knockers, and support staff.  It’s a way you can actually help that will make a difference in the world — not just between now and November but even beyond.

Don’t just complain about the way things are.  Fix them.  You have the power.

I’ll be listing the articles here in some order or other that makes sense to me.  It could take a while; several aren’t written yet, and the Primaries are still under way.


About The Candidates:

Before New Hampshire:

The Fear And Loathing 2020 Tour — New Hampshire:

Nevada and South Carolina

Super Tuesday and Beyond

Some Notes In Conclusion

Appendix:  More About The Candidates

Random Thoughts Toward Something-Or-Other

Thanks for all the support and lively discussion, folks. Couldn’t have done this without you. Still can’t, in point of fact…

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