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The Not Fake News Update, 08 January 2021

Happy New Year, and welcome to the first year of the Twenties. May they Roar!

In case you’ve been overwhelmed by headlines and internet trends, here’s a few happenings you may have missed over the past few days. For those of you who have been avoiding all media but this, I’ll mention a couple of recent events that everyone else will recognize. I’m sure they won’t mind.


The Not Fake News Update: 13 October 2020

On this day in 1307, hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested at dawn by King Phillippe IV of France. They were later tortured, tried, and convicted of heresy. In other news, I don’t much care for Joe Biden’s candidacy, though I like the guy in person, and will probably vote third party.

A great deal has happened since our last Update, but not so much of great pith and moment. Let’s take a look, shall we?


CNN Is Biased. So What?

Lead image taken from the CNN website, 17 September 2020.

Opinion (No shit, Sherlock. -Editor)

The suggestion that CNN might possibly show some slight bias against President Donald Trump is hardly outrĂ©. After all, Mr. Trump did effectively declare war on the press as a whole early in his first year in office, calling it the “enemy of the people” fairly frequently. He also singles out reporters from CNN, the Washington Post, and sometimes even the New York Times as “fake news”. It’s not unreasonable that they might feel justified in striking back, and a detached observer examining the front page of their website might well conclude that this is precisely what they do.

So I’m not going to statistically analyze their coverage; if you’re reasonable, you’ll stipulate that I’m right and move on. And, if you’re not, you’ll never believe anything I say after “Opinion” anyway. So let’s skip all that and get right down to it, shall we?


The Not Fake News Update: 15 September 2020

We here at The Not Fake News consider it a good sign that fewer people seem to be clicking on our posts these days. It fits with a trend that’s been observed: People are spending less time on social media. We hope it continues; there’s more to life.

On the theory that some of you will return, here’s a quick rundown of some of the events that have happened over the past couple of weeks, just so you don’t feel you’ve missed anything important. They’ll keep until you get back, and I promise: The world won’t end without you noticing.


The Not Fake News Update, 19 August 2020

It’s easy sometimes to miss what’s really going on in the world while being subjected to the endless distractions of infotainment. And, now that there are so very many of us self-isolating, we have the further limitations of our own personal echo chambers. All things considered, it’s a wonder anyone ever notices anything at all.

So here’s a quick update on what you might have missed in the past few days while paying attention to other things. We hope it may be of use.