Swig & Swine, Charleston SC

“Horrifyng Vegetarians Since 2013”, the Swig & Swine serves what I believe to be the best ‘Que in the Lowcountry, including the third-best ribs I have ever had the pleasure to consume.

With any other style of cuisine I’d have to warn you not to be fooled by the decor, which features corrugated steel and a lot of bare wood.  But that’s normal for fans of barbecue, who’ll feel right at home here.  The sides are just what you’d expect; the beans are excellent and the slaw ain’t bad.  Me, I enjoyed the sweet tea, but there’s a dozen beers on tap and it’s an excellent variety.  And of course the service is wonderful, because they know even the best ‘que can be spoiled by bad service.

Now, I know there’s folks who’ll speak slightingly of Carolina barbecue, who revere the heavenly artistry that is dry rub and deplore any imitator.  Well, I’ve had good dry rub and bad, and I’ve had good sauce and bad, but this I’ll say before anyone:  At the bottom of it all is meat, and wood smoke, and some basics like salt and pepper.  Do those right and nothing else is wanting.

The Swig & Swine does it right.

Unlike most roadside smoke shacks, the Swig & Swine is open seven days, eleven to ten.


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