Losing In 2020

“Forget about winning for a sec.  Who do you think will lose in 2020?”

The American people. It’s a tradition, after all.

Stop and think about it: Last time around, we were asked to choose between two of the most loathed people in the country. Our alternatives included the pot smoker and a doddering honest-to-God socialist.

(Don’t get me wrong; I’ve got nothing against Bernie Sanders or Gary Johnson either one. I just don’t think either was likely to win.)

The Republican field last time around was a dozen people who were either hateful or unelectable. The DNC stacked the deck and got called on it, and still barely lost.

Each election before that, we got someone who was barely qualified against an absurd loser. I know; Obama was amazing — but let’s face it: With only two Senate terms under his belt, he was hardly experienced. His chronic staffing issues were a direct result, and they crippled him in his first term.

Since Kennedy, there have only been a couple of non-joke candidates. I mean, Nixon, fer the luvva Pete! Carter only got in because his opponent was Gerry Ford, and Reagan had no competition either. The only qualified, experienced president we’ve had in my lifetime, Reagan aside, was George Sr., and we booted him out after one term because of a tiny economic hiccup.

So it’s us that will lose; I feel safe making that prediction. On the other hand, we could choose to change things at any moment, so I guess it’s also safe to say we deserve it.

But how? you ask. Well, here’s some thoughts:

  • Think third parties. Admittedly, they won’t take the presidency any time soon, but in local races they’re often better than some party hack whose turn has come. And given time and support, they’ll eventually gain enough influence to make the two major parties play fair.
  • Call politicians on their lies. They promise the sun, the moon, the stars — and they never deliver. Maybe we can pick someone who promises something reasonable for a change.
  • Get involved. Look, I get it; you’ve got a life. But if you don’t get out there and volunteer for someone you believe in, you’ve got only yourself to blame when they lose. You can make a difference — something more than just a single vote every four years. Heck, you might even run for office. Lord knows, you’re probably better than what we’ve been getting.

Whatever you do, though — do something. Or you’ve got only yourself to blame.

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