The Not Fake News Update, 13 Dec 2019

More things you may have missed during the Glorious Impeachment Show:

– UK holds elections; pro-Brexit Conservatives win. Brexit fatigue is one oft-cited reason.  It’s almost as though the majority of the United Kingdom approves of Brexit or something.

– Mass shooting in New Jersey by black supremacists, for a change.

– Tramadol is the latest opioid said to be behind a crisis. Meanwhile, the U.S. is in negotiations to leave Afghanistan after protecting their poppy crop for two decades.

– White House halts efforts to declare Mexico’s drug cartels terrorists, reducing the likelihood that we’ll invade Mexico anytime soon.

– Executive order aimed at increasing protections against anti-Semitism in America’s schools draws comparisons with Hitler. Having read and understood the order, I really can’t tell you why.

– Protests in India; India cuts out internet in the area, which proves effective at containing the unrest. Meanwhile, about half of the rest of the world is experiencing moderate to severe periodic riots.

– US begins process to designate 988 as a national suicide prevention hotline. Very good news; it’s about damn time. In related news, Epstein is still dead.

– Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, the police force appears to have duct-taped tear gas to a wall. Eloquent; terrifying.

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