The Not Fake News Update, 25 Dec 2019

Merry Christmas. And now that’s over, here’s The Not Fake News Update for today, 25 December 2019:

– Articles of impeachment drafted against President Trump. The story is finally newsworthy.

– Following elections, the Parliament of the UK has given their P.M. the green light on a Brexit plan. It’s almost as though the politicians are doing what the majority of their voters have asked for.

– In Baltimore, flyover surveillance has been authorized as part of a pilot program. That’s a quote from the AP News feed.

– During negotiations, the Taliban has abducted 27 local peace activists. This follows mass protests after the re-election of incumbent president Ashraf Ghani by a very slim margin.

– China has announced the reduction of 850 tariffs. Meanwhile, shoppers in the UK discovered a note from Chinese factory workers begging for help inside a packet of Christmas cards.

– Active war continues in Syria and the Mahgreb. In Venezuela, rebels have raided a military base in quest of weapons. Meanwhile, French students are protesting their meager cost of living raise in their stipends.

– Zambia has expelled the U.S. ambassador after he protested the imprisonment of men convicted of voluntary homosexual acts. Also corruption and misuse of our foreign aid grant, but that’s not in the news.

– Saudi Arabia has sentenced 5 to death for the killing of Jamal Kashoggi. It’s speculated that this will insulate members of the royal family from prosecution, but that’s just gossip.

– Epstein is still dead.

– German terrorist plunges to his death from Nakatomi Plaza in L.A. following a botched takeover and robbery of the building during a Christmas party. Here’s the footage:

Did I mention Merry Christmas?

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