The Not Fake News Update: 30 Jan 2020

Hello again and welcome to yet another The Not Fake News Update! It’s 30 January 2020, and oh my, are you oblivious or what?

Here’s a quick look at what you’ve been missing during the Great Washington Impeachment Show and Extravaganza:


– Japan’s investigation into the Ghosn extraction has completed, and they’ve issued arrest warrants for the mercs that got him out. Meanwhile, Ghosn is asking to be tried at home in Lebanon on the theory that Japan’s anti-corruption laws are horrific. Though, of course, he’s not guilty. He says.

– Amid the normal stink between Israel and the Palestinians, a month of protests against corrupt government in Lebanon has forced a government reorganization that appears to have changed absolutely nothing. Protests continue, and are backed by Hezbollah (and by extension Iran).

– Massive violence in India over Modi’s extreme citizenship policies. Minority groups fear pogroms, mass deportation, and worse. Again, this has been going on for weeks and is getting no coverage.

– Brexit. Finally. 19 hours and counting.

– Facebook quietly settled a half-billion-dollar lawsuit over privacy violations in the state of Illinois. Meanwhile, we keep using it. Guess we must not mind so much.

– The U.A.E., one of the world’s top oil producers, has finally spun up its long-delayed nuclear reactor. It’s said to be a model of safety and efficiency.  I feel no need to add an ironic comment to this.

– The Iran-backed revolutionary militia in Iraq keeps shooting rockets at the American embassy there. They appear to be upset about something. Perhaps us killing their command staff and liason to Iran was a faux pas.

– Palau has banned most sun creams because they kill coral. For those who doubt manmade microclimate change, here’s a perfect example of a problem followed by a solution.

– The USMCA, which supersedes NAFTA, was signed into law. It’s up to Canada to ratify it now. China has relaxed anti-US tariffs. The UK is defying the US ban on Huawei 5G products, presumably on the theory that their intel services are porous anyway so why bother?

– While the rest of the world is rioting against corruption, mass government slaughters, pogroms, tyranny, and (in China) inefficient hospital systems, French firefighters have taken to setting themselves on fire and charging police lines in protest over their annual raise, which was apparently too small.

– Epstein is still dead.

That’s the news, ladies and gentlemen. Lots of other things happened, but I’m sure you all noticed them and so you don’t need my help — but if you saw something you think I missed, be sure to drop it in the Comments.

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