The Not Fake News Update, 03 April 2020

Yes, we’re stuck at home — some of us. Others are working three shifts keeping the rest of us alive. And then… then there’s the rest of the world.

The Not Fake News Update, 03 April 2020

Things you might have missed:

– A Venezuelan naval vessel sunk itself attempting to board the RCGS Resolute, a German-owned cruise liner. Apparently, the Venezuelans, in an act of sincere if misguided optimism, attempted to nudge the ship toward Venezuelan waters, apparently unaware of the reinforced icebreaker bow.

– Not content with Syria, Turkey is also intervening in the Libyan Civil War. Half the world has been shipping weapons to arm one side or another, and the United States has long been engaging in anti-IS airstrikes. Turkey has now fired on Saudi-backed LNA forces in its support of the GNA. The two factions blame each other for treachery in what appears to be a mutual and instantaneous abrogation of January’s cease fire.

– Zezico Guajajara, former teacher and supporter of the Guardians of the Forest, was found shot dead in Guajajara tribal lands on Tuesday. Authorities say they are investigating. Tribal leaders say it’s the authorities that shot him.

– Hobby Lobby has been the target of a lot of hate memes, one of which stated that they fired all their employees by text. Well, that’s not correct; turns out they’re planning to declare themselves Essential and reopen next week. To be fair, they do sell crafting supplies you might need if you were to sew your own cloth masks, so that’s not an unreasonable argument.

– The Democratic National Convention, previously slated for July, has been rescheduled for August. This is the first major point on which I’ve been mistaken in my pre-Iowa primary predictions; I’d expected riots in Milwaukee. If they change the format as anticipated, there will be far fewer delegates.

– Speaking of the Democrats: Alaska has converted its primary to mail-in; ballots are due by the 10th. Wisconsin, on the other hand, is holding a normal primary on the 7th despite the current quarantine, allowing extended time for mail-in absentee ballots. Wisconsin has 1900 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus and the governor’s office has issued orders against social gatherings.

– Epstein is still dead, and it still wasn’t COVID-19.

And that’s the news, today, 03 April 2020.  Stay safe, stay at home, and stay away from me.  I will still accept your money, however; please use the link below.

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