Fear & Loathing 2020: A Nod To The West Wing

I want to take a moment to very strongly mention that The Not Fake News is not endorsed by The West Wing, any of the writers, production team, cast, or crew.  Were Toby and Will real people, I’m certain they’d be furious at me stealing their words for this purpose.

…Then again, maybe not.

Toby Ziegler:
In a triumph of the middling, a nod to mediocrity, and with gorge rising, it gives me great nausea to announce Robert Russell – Bingo Bob, himself – as your new Vice President.

Will Bailey:
This lapdog of the mining interests is as dull as he is unremarkable…

Toby Ziegler:
…as lackluster as he is soporific. This reversion to the mean…

Will Bailey:
…this rebuke to the exemplary…

Toby Ziegler:
…gives hope to the millions unfavored by the exceptional.  Bob Russell: not the worst, not the best, just what we’re stuck with.

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