Who Won The Debate 2020

Not us.

Full disclosure: I’ve been down with food poisoning for a few days, so I’ve only watched it in short bite-sized segments, turning it off when I felt too ill or too feverish to make sense of it. I’m still only three minutes in, and it has occurred to me that it’s not just the food poisoning that’s at fault here.

“I am so looking forward to the Vice Presidential debate.”
– Stephen Colbert

This isn’t the sort of thing the American people would normally ever deserve, but it must be confessed we picked these people. We could have had giants; we could have had intellectuals. This could have been Lincoln-Douglas revisited.

But the Republican Party somehow — and it still boggles my imagination how — picked the most odious blowhard to run for public office since George Wallace. And against him, the Democrats chose Mr. Least Likely To Succeed.

Yes, I’m biased; there should be no doubt about that in anyone’s mind: I actually like Joe Biden. He’s a good guy, a decent person. He means well. Donald Trump, well, him I don’t much care for; you may have noticed. I can’t honestly say he means evil; I can’t actually get my head around his motivations to that extent, nor do I care to keep trying.

Right now what I really want to be talking about is matters of substance: policy, issues, the things that matter to the American people and the world. But instead, I’m faced with the unpleasant reality that was the debate, and I’m compelled to admit: There were no issues discussed that I noticed.

“That was a shitshow.”
– Dana Bash

This was an hour and a half of a man with zero oratorical ability versus a verbal chainsaw — and it pains me to have to say this, but not in a good way. It was sheer torment unmitigated by any moments of value.

Well, I say that.

Actually, there were a couple of solid quotes that made it out through the unmoderated chaos:
“Will you shut up, man?” -Joe Biden
“There’s nothing smart about you, Joe.” -Donald Trump

PS: I did call this, you know.

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  1. Oh good, that wasn’t just me that thought that was a bunch of nonsense. It never ceases to amaze me at Trump’s ability to “control” (or throw out of control?) a conversation. I was actually surprised that I was actually getting annoyed that the moderator was interrupting them…

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