Sports Desk: The Power Of One Vote

There is a dusty typewriter on the vacant desk that is our Sports Department. In fond memory of our dear departed Sports Editor, we’ve left it unchanged — the ashtray still overflows, the empty bottles fill the bottom drawer, and even the same sheet of paper sits on the platen — still pristine after all these years.

Some days, sheets of manuscript mysteriously appear in the Out Box. When they’re cogent, we do some minimal editing and send them out under Duke’s byline. After all, it could be him, filing on the great Mojo Wire from Beyond…

I follow the political posts because it gives me something to do. Then there are nights like tonight when I realize just how ridiculous we all really are.

Think about it: Does it really matter? Really? When you break it down truthfully you have to pay bills and figure out what you are gonna eat everyday. BUT YOU HAVE TO VOTE BECAUSE IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Yeah, does it really, or is it already determined?

He didn’t win the popular vote. So for 65 million Americans in 2016 their vote didn’t mean jack. Electoral College overrode their vote. They could have just stayed home and cooked dinner that day. More than that — 25 million Republicans in blue states like California got jack for their vote too, and about the same for Democrats in red. Turns out for most of us we coulda gone bowling.

That aside, does it really matter? Yeah, he is building the wall and getting rid of all those pesky LBGTQ special rights that affect me so damn much. Well, that wall hasn’t done shit for me. And what rights exactly?

Let me tell ya what it has done for someone I know. Today he paid over $200 to sit for over an hour and half at the fast pace clinic to get a Covid-19 test and wait 4 days for results and she sent him home to suffer in pain with NOTHING. We paid $200 for someone to swab his nose and send him home and tell him to drink plenty of water. Yeah, that wall is helping us out tremendously. He missed work, paid a shit-ton for a nose swab, is lying in bed in pain with no meds, but someone somewhere is building a wall to keep people out that don’t even have the qualifications to take his job.

Which is the problem, right? They are taking our jobs? Answer me honestly, how many of you right now that are working a legit taxpaying job (not under-the-table shit) can say an illegal alien took your freaking job? I will wait for that response.

I guess I can blame the gay community for the fact that our healthcare system sucks. I mean we gotta keep these people in check, right? Gotta blame someone. I have legit problems that aren’t being addressed and I am told that if I vote they will be taken care of. BULLSHIT. IT’S A FREAKING SHAM.

I haven’t heard anyone bring one damn new thing to the table for healthcare, not on either side. Y’all get sick, right? Not your problem? Y’all wear glasses, have teeth. Not your problem? That is why all this is ridiculous. Arguing online sharing stupid meme after meme like they are gospel. Both sides promise to fix healthcare. Nobody wants to say how.

They are arguing about whether or not a virus is a hoax. I have had it, I assure you, it sucks. It isn’t a hoax. If you had it and didn’t have symptoms, good for you and your immune system. Some of us weren’t that lucky.

The politicians are doing what we all are doing: they are trying to earn a living. The only difference is, they earn their living by winning a popularity contest. I don’t know any better way to say it. Like prom queen and king. Like Ms. America. They have done the same damn arguing they have for years. The only difference is, today we can see it instantly on social media. Nothing else has changed.

And some of these people have been in office for decades. It has been the same argument for decades but we see it all now. Here on social media. So if nothing has changed in decades except we see all the arguments, why the hell is the nation divided? Have we always been this divided or are have we just decided to weigh in because we are able to? When it’s all said and done we still have to go to work and pay the bills. That hasn’t changed. That never changes.

So why are we attacking each other again? Politics?

You know what I said about the Mojo Wire From Beyond? Turns out it ain’t true; this one’s signed Heather Tabor. It’s her first outing as a guest-ranter here on The Not Fake News. Give her a shout out in the comments.


  1. Well said, with one gaping caveat. What use is voting either way, you seem to ask?
    I have a gay nephew who is able to marry the person he wants to. Tell him that voting Democratic “didn’t matter,” when repeated liberal presidents nominated liberal judges.
    We may be removed enough in time from the union fights, suffragettes, and civil rights era that people don’t understand that unless those rights are continually pushed forward, they are encroached and reduced by conservatives. Voting for progressive folk rewards future generations.


    1. The true intent of my rant was to point out that we are arguing and attacking each other over trivial matters. Why exactly did everyone decide to argue over who won the debate when it was an obvious train wreck? Why are we arguing about LGBTQ rights? If they want to marry, why can’t they? Why aren’t they supposed to have the same rights and protections under our Constitution as everyone else? Why aren’t we discussing things that have a direct effect on our every day life? Things that effect us paying our bills or being able to out food on the table? We aren’t really. We will attack each other over stupid memes. Memes go viral and people believe them like they are gospel without knowing or bothering to check and see if what they say is true. Isn’t that a little odd?


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