Prof. Naismith’s Letter

Recently, The Not Fake News reached out to Prof. James Naismith concerning what we believed to be deliberate misrepresentations of his work that were made by alternative media. Following is the complete text of his response to our query. We ask anyone who shared the disinformation to share this too:

“Dear John,

Universal masking indoors has been proven to reduce (but not prevent) the spread of Covid19. Half hearted or voluntary measures seem to have very little effect on Delta. 

I wear a mask indoors everywhere but my home or when eating at the cafe where I work.

The following actions are known to reduce the burden of covid19 on society.

(1) Most importantly vaccines, with boosters
(2) Staying home if sick
(3) Getting tested for infectiousness and isolation if positive
(4) Social distancing 
(5) Universal masking indoors
(6) Improved ventilation indoors
(7) New medicines for sick patients, both antibodies and pills
(8) Better treatment for very sick patients

It is a matter of profound regret that the science of public health has become dragged into politics. Science tries to understand how things happen and with that knowledge predict what will happen next or if things change. This is iterative, meaning that we learn and improve our understanding and predictions. It has a remarkably good track record.

It is for elected politicians, not scientists, to decide what restrictions, if any, are placed on people. What I deplore is the deliberate dishonesty about the likely outcomes of those decisions.

Over twice as many UK citizens have died from covid19 than UK civilians died in the Blitz in WW2.”

This was written by Professor James Naismith of Jesus College, structural biologist, head of his department, and director of the Rosalind Franklin Research Institute. He has published 300-odd papers in peer-reviewed journals, and is one of the world’s top experts. When he speaks about COVID, people had better listen.

In case you haven’t heard about improving ventilation:

If what you just read pisses you off, that’s not because it’s wrong. People are wrong every day and it doesn’t get to you. If you’re upset by this article, it’s because deep down you’re afraid it’s true.

No, The Not Fake News did not “get the memo” to “fall in line or else”; we’d find it hard to believe that anything else would be worse than this. We’re not shills of the public narrative; we don’t take marching orders from major media. We’re independent, and because we don’t get payoffs or even ad money, we’re poor but reliable.

You can send cash to PayPal in order to help support us, or you can buy us a coffee. Or not; your call. We don’t track who donates, so it’s guaranteed to not sway our opinions in the slightest.

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