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Opposing Neil Gorsuch

I know; I know:  One more story on this guy is too many.

Between him, and Trump stumping for him, and the Senate arguing over whether or not to confirm him, and partisan political action committees spending tons of money on attack ads about him, and everyone with a microphone weighing in on the subject in one direction or another, we’re sick to death of hearing (more…)

Merrick Garland versus Neil Gorsuch

After 283 days, on January 3, 2017, Merrick Garland’s nomination for appointment to the United States Supreme Court expired, as the Senate refused even to consider his candidacy.

Despite persistent claims, this was not entirely unprecedented.  However, it was indeed an undeniable abuse of partisan political power by one of the few individuals in history capable of getting away with it, Senator Mitch McConnell.  That action set an extremely dangerous precedent — or, conversely, revealed a weakness (more…)