It’s An Ill Wind

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Yes, there’s a plague.  And for some of us, today really sucks.  Doctors and nurses are getting burned out — and worse, sick — and things are still just ramping up.  The numbers look bad and tomorrow they’ll look worse and a week from now we’re going to look back on today and wish it was still only as bad as this.

It’s tempting to focus on this (more…)

EVE Online Missions: Lists And Guidelines

NOTE:  This guide is based in part on the original “The Plan” article that was at one time hosted at the EVE Online Wiki but has now, sadly, been lost.  The guiding principles haven’t changed at all, but some of the details work differently due to recent updates.

My own goal in EVE is to gain the maximum advantage from trading in every region, and to do so with the least amount of effort.  The objective is minimum taxes and broker fees in any high-sec at any Empire corporation station — a derived standing of well over 6 with everyone that’s not a pirate faction.

In order to accomplish this, there are some general rules (more…)