The President Wants Your Opinion

There’s a survey the White House has put out in advance of the President’s scheduled first address to a joint session of Congress.  Which promises to be quite a spectacle, of course; given the present antagonistic climate in D.C., I won’t be shocked if the Democrats pull some sort of horrible stunt and if the President responds with a blistering rant.

The White House has me on their mailing list.  I’ve been there for a long time; got grandfathered in from a previous administration, I think, and it’s a good thing.  You get all the inside scoop you can handle, with a heavy side of propaganda.  You should join the list too.

It’s at this address:

I filled out the form and checked the little boxes, and I remained as positive as I could, because why antagonize anyone?  Who listens when they’re being yelled at?  Not me; not ever — I make a point of it.  But there’s a box a way down where they ask for ideas, how to Make America Great Again.  This is how I filled that box out:

Enough with Great already. I’m sick of Great. Alexander was Great; so was Catherine of Russia, one of the nastiest and most ruthless leaders that poor country had ever known. Napoleon and Hitler both strove to be Great; Britain still tries, and her Greatness is what we fled and fought and died against back in 1776. I don’t want us to be great again; I want us to be Good for once.

I wrote it here, and it came out pretty well, I think.

Now, let me tell you what I mean by Good:

  • We once led the world in technological development, which was for the good of all mankind. Let’s start doing some of that again — solar power, hydro, automation, cheap medicine, and exploring the stars.
  • There was a time when we exported shiploads of grain — not for profit, but because nations were starving. We still ship it out, but the price is they have to listen to sermons from our missionaries — not missionaries of an ancient religion, but instead a new one based on Democracy. One that also sends guns and bombs and funds revolutions in the exact same way the Soviets used to during the Cold War. Let’s keep sending the food but stop with the revolution already; most of the world is free.
  • There was a time when good people chose from among themselves their best and their brightest and sent them to Washington to represent them. Today we vilify politicians; it’s not a high calling, but one of the lowest, one practiced mostly by lawyers who couldn’t cut it in practice, who flock to the D.C. swamp looking to get rich. Let’s fix that.

You want to Make America Great Again? Let’s start by making her good.

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