Jet City Espresso, Tampa FL

It’s an unlikely place for wonderful coffee — a tiny repurposed Florida house, beige and unassuming.  And yet… wow.

Pre-Starbucks, there wasn’t a coffee shop on every corner.  You could go a ways before you found the nearest Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts, and even then the coffee was pretty basic — bland and ordinary, and usually weak as dishwater.  But then came the coffeehouse movement of the early 90s, which introduced the joys of espresso and latte to the American public.

Jet City opened up in Tampa back then and has been going strong (and venti!) ever since.  Now with one location in the Hyde Park neighborhood and another in Seminole Heights, each comfortably occupying a neighborhood house, great coffee and good healthy food is just a couple of minutes from wherever you might happen to be.  (And far better than Starbucks!)

Two things that impressed me in particular:  Our hostess remembered our names and orders from one minute to the next, and even the whipped cream was the real thing, made right there.  I could go on, but there’s no need; you can guess from this how great they are.

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