Skippers Fish Camp, Darien GA

When there’s no parking left because of all the local cars, when the smell of the seafood drives you nuts while you’re in line to get seated, and where there’s an actual shrimp boat tied up to the dock outside — that’s where you go to get good food.

Darien is a little town in Georgia with a big history and a wildlife sanctuary, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  Instead, we’re talking about fresh-caught Georgia shrimp in truly staggering quantities, either broiled, blackened, or fried.  We’re talking collards-n-Q that’s out of this world, and a Brunswick Stew like no other.  We’re talking servers who notice when something’s wrong and taking right care of it no matter how busy they might be.

Now, the dessert isn’t bad, but don’t go for the dessert.  Get yourself an appetizer or two and a bowl of soup and maybe try some of the oysters.  There’s only just so much space in a body for food, and in a place like this you don’t want to waste that space on non-essentials.  Tuck into that Q and suck down some good sweet tea, fresh brewed just now and still cooling on the ice.

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