Nothing To See Here; Move Along

(or, Why I Haven’t Written Much Lately)

Most of my posts here are about current events.  When an important new law gets signed, I’m all over it; when there’s a big mystery or scandal, I’m right here with my opinion.  Normally, when there’s a pause in the news for whatever reason, I’ll chime in with a suggestion on policy.

Trouble is, right now, nothing’s happening, and what is happening is just more of the same.  It’s not news; there’s no value to even discussing it.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a quick summary of today’s headlines:

  • Trump/Russia/Campaign:  There’s an independent prosecutor, so there’s no more televised Congressional hearings on the subject.  Trump is Tweeting.
  • Syria/ISIS/War:  ISIS is losing faster than Syria, Russia and the US are unlikely to shoot at each other, and neither CNN nor Fox News is sure any of this is a good thing.  Trump is Tweeting.
  • Healthcare Debate:  Another DOA bill.  Everyone that understands the question knows the problem can’t be solved at present.  Thus, only the ignorant are talking publicly.  Many are in Congress.  Trump, who has nothing whatsoever to do with the discussion, is Tweeting.
  • Attorney General Unexpectedly Ethical:  Trump is Tweeting.
  • Global Warming Endangers Coffee, Antarctica:  They grow Robusta in lowland Ethiopia, which sucks, so until the plateaus are endangered I really don’t care.  Trump is silent on the issue.
  • Elon Musk Says Things:  Trump, oddly, doesn’t seem to notice.
  • Sportsball:  There are other blogs than mine that care.  But Trump is probably Tweeting about it, so there’s that.

Go on; check out the website at CNN and verify.  I’ll wait.  …OK; I’m bored.  You’ll just have to catch up when you get back.

Of all these topics, there’s not one worth mentioning that I haven’t weighed in on.  Some of it, particularly healthcare, I’m pretty vocal about — but there’s only so many ways to say Universal Medicare.  And Elon Musk… well, I gotta tell ya:  If he weren’t from South Africa, I’d say the man was getting ready to run for president.  Smart man.  Got to watch out for that Ambien, though.

One common thread:  Every story has either a mention of Trump’s Twitter account, a quote from the man, or a companion article about Trump’s thoughts on the subject.  Even on issues that Trump has said nothing about, there’s an article about his silence.  I’m not kidding.  CNN must have a Trump Twitter editor.  (Apart from Cillizza, that is.)

So once again, all I have to offer is this:  CNN, stop quoting Trump’s Twitter account.  If we care, we’ll follow it; if we don’t care, we don’t care so shut up about it already.  The man gets enough free press as it is; in truth, he wouldn’t be president now if it weren’t for the free press.  Have you learned nothing?!

But CNN isn’t reading, so why waste my virtual breath and your screen phosphor?

Ah, well.  Maybe I’ll do an article about how global warming could be a good thing if it does away with robusta coffee beans…  On second thought, maybe not:  More Robusto on the market means more Barako for me.  (It’s killer when blended 10% with Arabica.)

Hm.  Think I’ll go brew a pot.

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