The Bacon Tree, Winterport, Maine

Full disclosure:  I saw no evidence of barbecue here.  But it was so good it’s getting a review anyway; after all, what are rules for if you can’t break them?

In a tiny room off to one side of the Winterport Winery sits one of the best breakfasts in Maine (not to mention lunch and dinner).  We passed up Dysart’s for this, and we were not disappointed.

The Bacon Tree started off as a reservation-only Friday night dinner spot, a part-time home business that blossomed and grew into an oh-my-God must-visit in a part of Maine that doesn’t have those. We went for breakfast, and despite the crowd my coffee was kept hot (and fresh!) and the food came out perfect.  I would particularly recommend the homemade corned beef hash (but with four eggs, not two) and the French toast is to kill for.

Lunch is remarkable in its own right, but there’s no time; dinner takes pride of place.  The menu is varied and ever-changing, and unless you call in advance there’s no way to be sure what’ll be on it on any given day.  Which is something I find bloody well beautiful; in our modern age of chain consistency where you can get anything you want so long as it’s a grey burger, unique and reliable creativity is a resource to be treasured.  I can’t give you detailed recommendations for obvious reasons — but everything we tried was excellent.

What else can I say?  Go here and eat!  Do it now!

The kitchen is tiny and the dining room seats about forty people, so if you’re going with a group, call ahead and warn them.  (207) 223-4313, closed Monday and Tuesday

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