Places We Didn’t Review

The Not Fake News exists because of the distressing tendency of the media to thrive on negativity and chaos.  We oppose the fearmongering and divisiveness by being a voice for reason whenever we can.  When we write a review, it’s because it was so very good we felt absolutely compelled to speak up; people need to know the good things in life.

The trouble is, people deserve a warning sometimes when the food is just not worth the trip or the price, and we can give it to them.  Likewise, if there’s one aspect of a place that’s world-class but the sauce tastes like ketchup, the pulled pork is mush, and the brisket is nothing more than a glorified chuck steak, that needs to be recorded too.

So here’s the master list of Places That Are Not Quite Worthy:

  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit:  Dickey’s is the biggest barbecue chain in the US, and they do achieve consistency.  One rack of ribs looks a lot like the next, and they taste OK if uninspired.  But the pulled pork is soggy, the brisket is chopped beef, and the rest of the menu is similar.  It’s a chain, and it tastes like a chain, which would be OK if it were priced as a chain.  Plus sides:  Sides, and free ice cream.
  • The Pit, Raleigh NC;  Motto — “Everything But The Squeal”:  I wanted to be impressed; I really did.  It’s an amazing atmosphere, slightly upscale but with a view directly into the bustling sparkly-stainless kitchen.  There’s tons of history and a brilliant menu, and the prices while high are not unreasonable.  But.  It’s just not remarkable; there’s exactly one sauce, and it’s not that good.  The ribs are bland; the meat is fatty and overcooked.  The sides are decent and the portions plentiful, but overall it’s just not good enough to get a review.  We’ll give them another chance someday, though.
  • Dinosaur BBQ, Troy NY:  The service was delightful and the wings were oh-my-God legendary.  I enjoyed the fried green tomatoes and the deviled egg, and there’s a pepper sauce that’s worth killing for.  Everything else was disappointing, particularly the other sauces — bland and without character.  The ribs tasted like the meatloaf-ketchup sauce they were topped with, and everything else was similarly bland.  I’d go back for the wings and I’m itching to try the nachos, but otherwise?  Give it a pass.

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