Buck’s Naked BBQ, Freeport Maine

Who says you can’t find great barbecue in Maine?  It’s everywhere, my friends; you just gotta know where to look.  And one place is on Route 1 in Freeport, just south of town.

We only review the very best, and this place is no exception.  I was impressed by the appetizers, but when my greens arrived with its own special bottle of pepper-infused vinegar, I realized I was in for a real treat.  These folks know their meat and they understand the importance of sauce, and that’s most of a proper barbecue right there.  They do baby back or St. Louis cut ribs, and ohhh my they do ’em right.

Now, usually when you go into a Maine restaurant and there’s something made with blueberries, you figure “gimmick”, and you’re right.  But this place has a blueberry hot sauce that’s worth eating no matter what state you’re in, perfectly balanced with the pulled pork.  The mustard sauce smells like French’s, but it pairs so well with the smoked sausage you’re glad of it.  And the mango pepper sauce… my hair still hasn’t uncurled.  Damn good.

Not every place is perfect; Buck’s has one weakness:  The showcase sauce tastes strongly of Heinz ketchup.  There’s clover honey, dry mustard, some smoke, and a hint of lemon… but in the end it’s just ketchup with a twist.  I expected a lot more.

But that’s my only real gripe, and there’s other sauces.  The service was excellent, even on a very busy night, and everything else was just so wonderful that I’ll go back every chance I get.  You should too.

Buck’s has another location in Windham.  Go to either place and give ’em a try; you’ll be glad you did.

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