The Not Fake News Update: 27 Nov 2019

Things you’re missing on 27 November 2019

– Bolivia coup/non-coup: Protests are dying down now that new elections have been announced. We don’t have the date yet, but we’re getting there.

– UK’s Labour Party is shocked, Shocked! to discover there may have been “secret trade talks” with the U.S. in advance of Brexit. (Incidentally, they had representatives present.) They’re shocked!

– There’s a new chief of the European Union. Ursula von der Leyen won a comfortable majority with her promise to create a green superpower. (In Europe, that makes her a conservative. I can approve.)

– As riots ease across South America, police in Chile have been accused of excessive violence. (Presumably, the rioters have been pacifists…) A reorganization plan is being put in place, and heads are rolling at the top.

– Hong Kong’s local council elections have unofficially been reported to have been swept by pro-democracy reformers. Chief Executive the Honorable Carrie Lam has issued an apology.

– Uber is facing an upcoming ban in London over safety concerns following massive protests by the black cab establishment. From where I sit, it’s tough to tell if the safety concerns are genuine.

– Italy is still flooded, Albania had an earthquake, and there’s a massive storm in the U.S.  But you know all that already.

– Donald Trump has signed the animal cruelty bill into law. It is now a felony to be cruel to animals. Curiously, major media in the U.S. has taken no notice. Likewise, the executive order establishing a law enforcement task force that concentrates on native disappearances and murders has gone almost unnoticed.

Oh, yes! Almost forgot:
– Epstein is still dead.

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