The Not Fake News Update, 02 Dec 2019

The Not Fake News Update, 02 December 2019:

– Iran protests over a gas price hike are the worst since the rise of the Ayatollah.

– Iraq is likewise beset by civil disorder; their P.M. resigned over the weekend due to corruption allegations and probably won’t be replaced any time soon. Bolivia and Venezuela have calmed down; Hong Kong is simmering. Uruguay, on the other hand, seems to be experiencing a peaceful transition of power following recent elections.

– China, as expected, has moved to halt trade talks with the U.S. after Trump signed a toothless trade deal marketed as support for the Hong Kong protesters.

– Two more Democrats have dropped out of the primaries, if you’re keeping track of them as they go by.

– Malta’s Prime Minister has announced he will resign over developments in the death of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was likely assassinated over her work linking the Panama Papers and Maltese government figures.

– The NAFTA revision is up for a vote in Congress. Democrats are hesitant because it gives Trump a win; on the other hand, many of the modifications are DNC talking points.

– There’s still weather. Be careful out there. And no, this is not climate; it’s weather. There’s a difference.

– Responding to rumors, the Palace has announced that Queen Elizabeth II is still alive. In other news, Epstein is still dead.

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