The Not Fake News Update: 12 April 2020

I know; it’s a No-Post Sunday.  But things keep happening; it’s not my fault.  Can’t blame me; I didn’t do anything.

– “Diamond Joe” Biden sailed through the Alaska primary with a narrow victory in votes but a massive delegate score.  Turns out, the D.N.C. is acting on an obscure rule that prevents inactive candidates from earning statewide proportionate delegate awards.  It’s quite remarkable that Sanders took any delegates at all, much less the four that he managed.

– As if plagues weren’t enough, we’re now told a double wave of locusts is set to descend on east Africa.  Not one but two generations are preparing at the same time; one has been driving forward since the end of February, and the other is just now starting to morph into their swarm mode.

– There’s forest fires inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, releasing vast clouds of radiation-rich smoke that are forcing evacuations downwind.  Apparently, the absence of humans makes the ensuing brushfires worse since there are fewer organized firebreaks (like roads and parking lots).

– Speaking of fires, the newest Chinese amphibious assault craft, a mammoth vessel roughly equivalent to one of our own Marine Amphibious Units only larger, caught fire not long ago.  Official Chinese sources report that it was minor; however, there’s speculation that it burned out its entire well deck and will require major repairs.  In any case, there’s little doubt but that it will be complete soon, at which point China will be capable of launching a major invasion pretty much anywhere it likes at only a couple of hours notice.  Nobody has yet asked China why they think they need these vessels; nobody really has to.

– The Mafia is apparently on the rebound in locked-down Italy.  Organized crime task forces warn that the criminals are distributing food parcels comprised of milk, flour, pasta, eggs, and so on to out-of-work families in poverty-stricken areas.  No, I’m not kidding.

– One of the major armed groups fighting in the Libyan Civil War has seized the capitol’s water supply, cutting it off in order to secure the release of imprisoned and detained family members within Tripoli.  Personally, I’d have done it to make the capitol surrender, but apparently the U.N. frowns on that sort of thing.

– Chad has ceased its cooperation with multinational forces operating against the Boko Haram insurgency, stating that it will no longer send soldiers outside its borders.  Chad’s soldiers make up the bulk of trained forces in the area, and have of late been absorbing most of the losses, according to Chad’s government.  Four other nations, with French military support, are operating in tandem against Boko Haram jihadists in the Lake Chad region.

– The White House has declared war on the Voice Of America.  According to a piece from the “1600 Daily” official digest briefing, VOA news reports too often include propaganda prepared and released by people who aren’t, in fact, American.  VOA spokesmen fired back that their charter specifically requires them to share everyone’s propaganda equally.  Full disclosure:  They didn’t actually use the word “propaganda”.  But we all know what they mean.

– Epstein is still dead, but it’s not morning yet.  If the situation changes, expect updates.

And that’s the news, today, 12 April 2020. Stay safe, stay at home, and stay away from me. I will still accept your money, however; please use the link below.

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