A new centrist political party has formed from the merger of the Serve America Movement, Renew America, and Andrew Yang’s Forward PAC. The Not Fake News is proud to endorse them.

While they intend to gain ballot access in multiple states, the initial objective of the new Forward Party will be to offer endorsements to candidates on either side of the aisle who are willing to sign on to their agenda, which is one of progress as opposed to partisan gridlock in Congress. Thus, rather than acting as a spoiler, it will spur active commitment from current candidates to solve problems.

In order to establish standing and gain ballot access, the Forward Party intends to sponsor candidates for lower offices during the next few years, including state assemblies and legislatures. This will permit them to introduce bills for ranked-choice voting, open primaries, non-gerrymandered voting maps, and so on. In the mean while, they intend to continue endorsing those candidates for higher office that are willing to accept the broad principles that Forward stands for.

These include:

  • Solutions. The two major parties cater to the whims of the fringes, and in some cases actively avoid solving problems in order to maintain their hold on voters. Forward pursues solutions through debate and discussion — and yes, this will mean several Forward candidates have differing views on issues. If you want a party that tells you how to think, there are already two options.
  • Reform. The current political system is designed to reward those who fail to achieve change. On the state and local level, primaries have been set up in a way that gives the central committees the power to select candidates. A few simple changes can remove the kingmakers, returning control to local voters.
  • Freedom. Individual choice is the foundation of our nation and its government, but that’s been eroded in the political process, and even in our daily lives. Forward intends to remove barriers to participation and to choice, reject hate, and celebrate our differences so we can each rise to our full potential.

Every problem has a solution most Americans can support. All Forward intends to do is to cut out the extreme partisanship, reintroduce a competition of ideas, and work together in good faith.

Some will raise the “spoiler” objection automatically, and without thinking. With respect to that, here’s a statement from the Forward Party: “No one on the Forward team is currently planning to run for president in 2024, and like all Americans, we hope there is a unifying figure in that election.”

For more information, you should check out their website at

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The Not Fake News is not affiliated with the Forward Party in any way, shape, or form. We just like them.

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