Oh No Not Again

Happy Indictment Day!

Only not.

Sure, “Teflon Don” got marched into court, had to get fingerprinted, and is facing full public disclosure of his hush money payments. It’s embarrassing. On the other hand, nothing he’s accused of has ever garnered more than a fine, not in any case I’ve ever seen. (NOTE: I’m not a lawyer.) The action itself — paying hush money — wasn’t illegal, or even immoral, and every campaign after Eisenhower has had a damage control unit.



A new centrist political party has formed from the merger of the Serve America Movement, Renew America, and Andrew Yang’s Forward PAC. The Not Fake News is proud to endorse them.

While they intend to gain ballot access in multiple states, the initial objective of the new Forward Party will be to offer endorsements to candidates on either side of the aisle who are willing to sign on to their agenda, which is one of progress as opposed to partisan gridlock in Congress. Thus, rather than acting as a spoiler, it will spur active commitment from current candidates to solve problems.