Pence: Pure Unadulterated Genius?

It’s news to nobody that President-Elect Trump may be the least popular prominent American since Nixon left town, and before that since the little fuss after Lincoln’s election.  For you who need reminding, we’ll see some public demonstrations of that fact starting around the 20th of January.

The call is about to go up, and due to a now-famous mis-Tweet, the rallying cry has been born:  “Unpresident him!”  The new protests will be all about obstructing Mr. Trump’s agenda at every turn, and the goal driving it all will be to remove the man from power.

Let’s be clear about this:  In our form of government, that’s known as “Impeachment”.  We could get into the mechanics of it and all, but that’s not really important, not yet.  Because really, when you say “impeachment”, you’re suggesting President Pence.

Now, I like Mike Pence.  I respect him.  He’s apparently as decent, honest, and honorable as a person can be in politics these days.  He’s actually known for keeping campaign promises and choosing to embrace values over party, which are healthy virtues in anyone.  The only scandal I’ve found is that, back when it was still legal, he paid some personal expenses directly out of campaign donations (rather than, as is now traditional, getting some highly lucrative speaking engagements before running).  So, basically, no scandal.

On the other hand, to a modern free-thinker, he’s about as open-minded as the average rock, and his ideas are cutting-edge conservative 1956.

I for one don’t blame him for his ignorance; I don’t condemn him for his ideals. I do, however, despair of getting the man to think without employing either a can opener or a very large rubber mallet.  In policy he epitomizes modern fundamentalist Christian doctrine, which is to say that he tends to use what most churches think is right in place of what he thinks is right.

This will inevitably pose a problem if his policy views ever come into conflict with what the American people want, which right now includes free healthcare, gay marriage, and mandated inclusiveness and diversity.

Donald Trump is an unpleasant man, and has never pretended otherwise.  He uses Twitter like a bludgeon and his celebrity for self-aggrandizement.  When in office, Mr. Trump may be small-minded, highly corrupt, and downright odious.  But at least he’s not a True Believer Who Will Do What He Believes Is Right, And Damn The Consequences.

Impeach Trump?!  Do you really want President Pence?  Because this is how we get President Pence.

And that’s why I’m saying that him as Vice President is pure genius; it’s folly to underestimate Trump.  There hasn’t been better assassination insurance out there since Danny Quayle.

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