Fear and Loathing 2020: Common Man Interlude

It’s 2:40 pm, and the candidate isn’t coming.  The restaurant didn’t even know he was planning to.  Makes me sad; suggests he’s not taking us seriously.

On the other hand, it’s downright nasty out, even for New Hampshire.  As it falls from the sky, you never know which drop will hit as water and which as ice.  There were accidents galore earlier today but by now everyone’s taking it slow or staying home.  Like, for example, the candidates; Yang canceled his 10am, and so did… someone else; my brain is fried right now and I just don’t recall.  Anyway:  I don’t hold it against Joe Walsh for being a no-show.  Well, not much.

Actually, come right down to it, if I were Walsh I’d give this whole state a miss.  There’s a ton of Trump posters and stickers scattered like blue buckshot all over the place.  Pete and Bernie have signs at all the intersections (plus the occasional Yang and Amy — haven’t seen a single Warren sign since I got here), but Trump owns the back country, and anyone out there who doesn’t support him apparently has no wish to put a sign on their lawn.

Which is funny, now I think about it.  State’s full of Bernie Bros, and they’re not usually shy.  I wonder… have to ask someone.

I’m informed “Bernie Bro” is dismissive of the Bernie supporters who aren’t college-age hooligans.  In this case, I’ll leave it in because I’m specifically referring to those very ambulatory reservoirs of entitled angst and mobilized hostility.  But in general, I’m going to make an effort to stop using it.  Words and the way we use them can influence the way people act.  Henceforth, the hooligans shall be Bernie Trolls, because that’s what they are: embittered refugees from 4chan and stepmom’s basement.  The sane ones are Sanders Supporters.  And Mayor Pete’s people are Stepfords.

There.  That takes care of me not offending people.  Let me know going forward, will you?

Anyway, today’s missed candidate is not a complete loss.  Excellent restaurant; unique in my experience.  Comfy chairs and couches here and there, a big bar and service room, complimentary cheese and crackers at a self-serve table.  Cell phones not allowed in the dining room, and extra reading glasses and books are available for loan everywhere.  I’m amused at the glasses; people must leave them here all the time.  Killer sweet tea, great Southern Skins, and some excellent yet politely discreet service from Alexis at the bar.  If you’re ever near a Common Man restaurant, stop and check it out — but put away the cell unless you’re in the bar.

There were a few others that stopped by looking for Joe Walsh.  We spoke at length with a delightful lady named Rianna, one of a group of college students that’s out to Collect Them All.  Some fascinating insights about Biden’s creepy personal behavior, Mayor Pete’s total absence of patience with questions from the rope line, Steyer not taking ribbing well, and Yang… I think her opinion is he looks wooden.  (Recorder was off.  Silly me.)  She’s debating whether to finish her project (due tomorrow) or instead head to the Dover Yang event and meet a friend.  Wherever she ends up, I wish her well; there’s too few intelligent people in this world who care about fixing the world.  This is one of the good ones.

Hm.  Just heard back from the Joe Walsh campaign… (God, that sounds like something you might have heard in 1980 at an Eagles concert.  Am I the only one that remembers that?  “Life’s Been Good” for the new national anthem, and free gas for everyone…)  Turns out, the candidate had some sort of problem and we just didn’t get the cancellation email.  The staffer was quite pleasant, and maybe we’ll get some campaign flash mailed to us at National Affairs Headquarters.

Meanwhile, we’ve got to get moving.  There’s a major event I don’t want to miss over at UNH on the student debt crisis — two international-class minds are presenting, and up to five candidates are on the agenda.

Who knows?  Maybe one will actually show.

Editor’s Note:  Found the writer asleep on the keyboard.  Drooling.  There’ll be more tomorrow.

Heck with that.  I’m awake.  Really.  I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

We just now got confirmation from the Warren campaign that someone’s stealing her signs specifically.  Friggin’ trolls.  Hope they get kicked out of their basements.

UPDATE:  7:30 AM Friday — Joe Walsh has suspended his campaign.

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