Fear & Loathing 2020: Sitting At The Loser’s Table

Gabbard’s a no-show again.  Most of us weren’t expecting her, but some of her supporters were quite crestfallen.  After all, if you can’t handle a teeny little February ice storm, how can you possibly expect to deal with the stress of being president?

Earlier today, Rianna was telling us about a Tulsi cancellation where she apologized by video, then sang her loyal peeps a song while her sister danced a hula in the background.  It’s no wonder her followers love her so much.  But the (more…)

Fear and Loathing 2020: Common Man Interlude

It’s 2:40 pm, and the candidate isn’t coming.  The restaurant didn’t even know he was planning to.  Makes me sad; suggests he’s not taking us seriously.

On the other hand, it’s downright nasty out, even for New Hampshire.  As it falls from the sky, you never know which drop will hit as water and which as ice.  There were accidents galore earlier today but by now (more…)