The Not Fake News is going on temporary hiatus.

When I started doing this, it wasn’t intended to be a money-making proposition. My goal was to create an opportunity to teach myself how to write by the simple expedient of committing to produce readable copy on a regular basis. I’ve done that, and I’ve quite enjoyed the process; I’d like to think some of you have as well.

However, the tip jar is a valid measure of just how much people value what I do, and it’s been rather empty of late. It being tax season, I’ve been running the numbers for the last year; Likes and Follows continue to increase, but hits remain relatively constant and contributions are at an all-time low. I certainly don’t blame you, my loyal readers; I know you keep stopping by from the hit meter. But let’s face it: Times are tough, and what can I say that you haven’t heard?

The average net income for a full-time professional writer in the United States is a hair over $10,000 per year. It’s not a job that attracts the greedy. On the other hand, if I don’t start pursuing some paying projects, I’ll have trouble hitting even that average — and that’s a pretty low bar.

Here’s something to keep you going while I’m away, pursuing the Almighty Dollar:

– COVID vaccines are safe, effective, and overall an excellent risk. However, they’re not 100% safe.
– Vaccination reduces spread by reducing virus load. Masks reduce spread. People who vaccinate and then stop wearing masks are worse, by the numbers, than people who don’t vaccinate.
– The government is lying to you. Major media is lying to you. This is intrinsic in what they do; the government exists to create stability, and media exists to make a profit. Remember their biases and interpret accordingly, and you’ll probably be OK.
– Joe Rogan is major media. He’ll deny it, but he is. Anyone with that many views isn’t minor.
– Tucker Carlson is, objectively speaking, a psychopathic disinformation artist out to kill as many Republican voters as he can before the next election. I don’t know why and I don’t care; the man is nuts.
– Sleep is the cheapest medicine, and you need more than you’re getting.
– Take your meds.

I’ll be back; this isn’t goodbye forever. This is still a more efficient method of communicating than copy-pasting the same witty response from one Facebook thread to another.

Be well!

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