The Race To The Bottom

Don’t worry, Republicans: I’ll get to you in a second, but you lost in 2020. Sucks to be you.

When Joe Biden was anointed by the moneyed wings of the D.N.C. to become the approved candidate for the Presidency in 2020, it was an impressive gamble on the premise that we vote for the people with whom we most identify. It was a field that contained two highly capable, brilliant, and charismatic women, a massive populist machine that backed an unapologetic socialist, a Rhodes Scholar who nevertheless somehow wasn’t the smartest man in the room… Any of these people would have done the office proud. Instead, we managed to elect the only candidate who was worse at completing sentences than Donald Trump.

Before the Woke Crowd gets up in arms: Sure, he’s got a stutter. I’m not talking about his stutter. I stutter myself; I know the difference between stutter and stupid. I like Uncle Joe, but let’s face it: Joe Biden is a politician who speaks his mind — his entire mind, and then he runs out of words. By about syllable number three.

There’s talk about running Trump again in 2024. What’s worse is, it’s plausible; nobody else in the party has anywhere near the level of name recognition as this proven loser.

I don’t object to nonagenarian candidates; some of the sharpest minds on the planet are the ones that have been around the longest. Donald Trump is not among their number; he was a gibbering loon long before senility became probable. Uncle Joe, alas, is smart only by comparison.

Speaking of proven losers, there’s even more discussion about propping up Kamala Harris in Uncle Joe’s place. The least capable, least likeable, least charismatic in the entire 2020 D.N.C. primary field bar none, she’s a tough-on-crime California Democrat. Not only does she bring no home state advantage, she’s about as non-progressive as anyone in her party except Biden himself — and, despite this, has almost no cross-party appeal.

And then there’s Stacey Abrams, who has gained fame and fortune for losing elections — Tulsi Gabbard, who parlayed her D.N.C. primary loss into a well-paid commentator’s slot on Fox News — Marjorie Taylor Greene and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, two Congresswomen known far and wide for their disdain for facts; neither is likely to lose her seat this year or any year. Madison Cawthorn… It’s not that I doubt that there are wild cocaine orgies in Washington D.C. It’s just difficult to imagine someone like Cawthorn being invited to any, as someone observed on Twitter. Ted Cruz… I don’t want to talk about Ted Cruz; I feel soiled just saying his name. Even Sarah Palin, for all her very public failures, has every likelihood of being the next Member of Congress from Alaska.

I could go on indefinitely, naming only those convicted of malfeasance, corruption, ethics violations, the Senators who routinely leak classified intelligence for political gain, the unliked and unlikeable, the incompetent and unworthy and downright odious. There was a time when we sent our best and our brightest to represent us in Washington. Today, we send these only because we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel and can’t scrape any lower.

Perhaps it is, in the end, a vindication of the philosophy of the Identitarians, those who believe we vote for politicians that are the most like us. The median intelligence is only “average”, when all is said and done, and anyone who remembers high school knows full well that nobody likes the smart kids.

One thing I am certain of is this: Unless some competent, intelligent, and patriotic Americans are willing to make the massive personal sacrifice of running for public office, we’re never going to see things improve. Georgia is running MTG only because they can’t find anyone better to take the job.

If what you just read pisses you off, that’s not because it’s wrong. People are wrong every day and it doesn’t get to you. If you’re upset by this article, it’s because deep down you know it’s true.

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