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Fear & Loathing 2020: Tactical Voting

The Knives Out sequel was released quicker than I expected.
John Iadarola, on tonight’s Democratic debate

We’re not at the debate tonight.  Nothing we want to know is happening there; we’re here to meet the candidates, not listen to their stump speeches.  (Besides, we were anti-invited. “If you show up, we will not let you in.  This is for real press, not bloggers.”  But that’s neither here nor there.)

So we (more…)

There Is No Opioid Epidemic, Dammit!

Heroin and its analogues can be deadly.  Heroin overdoses have more than tripled over the past couple of decades.  The supply has ballooned; the price has plummeted.  And, since 2013, dangerous synthetics have hit the streets in truly vast quantities.  These are facts, beyond dispute.

Despite this, it has become apparent to me that there is in fact no such thing as an “Opioid Epidemic”.  Despite massive reporting and editorializing on the subject, hearings in Congress, and now even a potential military deployment (more…)

EpiPens aren’t the problem.

(For those few of you who’ve been living in a cave in northern Nunavut for the past ten days, you might have missed Ben Popken’s story on the EpiPen price gouge.  Go read it, then come back and join the rest of the class.  Slacker.)

I’m going to call “bullshit”. Once again, the American Media, courtesy of political campaigns, is indulging the American Media Consumer — blinkered, pig-ignorant, and proud of it — in a pointless round of outrage at nothing.

Look, the basic problem isn’t the damn EpiPen, or that some CEO got a raise of $18 million. It’s that we have a system where people make a profit from other people being sick, and nobody is even remotely interested in changing it. (more…)